• Friday saw a massive crash in Bitcoin, driving it to an 18-day low of just under $22,000.
• Altcoins followed suit with similar volatility, but many have since calmed down.
• Ripple’s XRP and EOS are among the few alts that have seen notable gains.

Bitcoin Marked 18-Day Low on Friday

Friday saw Bitcoin plummet by over $1,500 and slump to and under $22,000 – its lowest price point since Valentine’s Day. Despite reclaiming some ground since then, its market capitalization struggles at $430 billion after reaching $460 billion recently. Its dominance over the alts has also declined slightly to 42%.

Altcoins Experienced Similar Volatility

The altcoins experienced similar enhanced volatility as Bitcoin did on Friday. Most have calmed since then however Ripple’s XRP and EOS are among the few alts that have seen notable gains – with EOS soaring 8%.

Closing Price at the End of February

At the end of February, despite rising volatility, Bitcoin managed to close the month with a slight increase and stood at around $23,000. The first few days of March saw a price push towards $24,000 but was stopped in its tracks causing BTC to retrace back down again.

Reasons for Price Drop Unclear

The reasons behind Friday’s crash remain unclear although speculation continues amongst market participants.

Recovery Since Then

Bitcoin has recovered somewhat from its 18-day low and trades at over $22,000 currently – still below its February peak however.