Eurographics 2009 Timetable

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00   EDU 3DOR T1 T2 T3 PGV EDU Opening FP5 FP6 A1 ST1 ED FP11 FP12 SP1 ST4 IN  
09:30 Awards FP17 FP18 SP4 ST6
10:00 Invited Talk
10:30 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
11:00 PGV EDU 3DOR T1 T2 T3 PGV EDU Coffee FP7 FP8 A2 ST2 ED FP13 FP14 SP2 ST5 MO Extended Coffee
11:30 Full FF Closing Awards
12:00 FP1 FP2 ED T5 T6 T7  
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch  
13:30 PGV EDU 3DOR T1 T2 T4 PGV EDU Lunch FP9 IN A3 NP1 MED FP15 FP16 SP3 IN MO
15:00 Coffee Coffee FP3 FP4 ED T5 T6 T7 B1 Coffee  
15:30 PGV EDU 3DOR T1 T2 T4 PGV EDU Short FF Coffee
16:00 FP10 IN ST3 NP2 B2 Invited Talk
17:00   PGV/EG  
17:30 EG Assembly
18:00   Invited Talk
19:00 Welcome Reception Beer & Brotzeit Conference Dinner
FP Papers Program T Tutorials Program ST STARs Program SP Short Papers
A Areas Papers Program ED Education Papers Program IN Industry Presentations NP Natural Phenomena Program
MO Mobile Graphics Workshop MED Medical Prize Keynotes Keynote Talks SE Social Events
3DOR Eurographics 2009 Workshop on 3D Object Retrieval EDU Eurographics 2009 Computer Graphics Education Workshop PGV Eurographics 2009 Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization B1 Equalizer BOF B2 Siemens XIP BOF

Keynote Talks

We are proud to announce the following EG09 keynote talks:

Tuesday 31.3.2009, 9:30, Lecture Hall H1, Conference Venue

Computation is the New Optics:
Coded Imaging in Computational Photography

Fredo Durand

Tuesday 31.3.2009, 18:30, Auditorium Maximum, Technische Universität München

Animation is a Technology not a Genre - New Trends in Digital Entertainment

Thomas Haegele
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Thursday 2.4.2009, 16:00, Lecture Hall H1, Conference Venue

Paneling Architectural Freeform Surfaces

Helmut Pottmann
Vienna University of Technology

EGPGV Keynote Talks

The following keynote talks will be given at the 2009 Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization :

Sunday 29.3.2009, 11:30, Lecture Hall 00.013.009A, Conference Venue

Interactive Ray Tracing:
Where Is It Now, and Where Is it Going?

Pete Shirley

Open to registered Eurographics 2009 attendees

Monday 30.3.2009, 17:00, Lecture Hall H1, Conference Venue

Software Rendering Redux:
Back To The Future With New Graphics Architectures

Matt Pharr

Social Events

The Eurographics 2009 social events will take place in the heart of Munich.